This year, I’ve been pretty bad with breakfast. For more days than I’d like to admit, I only have a banana for breakfast because I wake up too late. Sometimes I also have a granola bar if I remember to grab one, or oatmeal if I have time and soy milk in the fridge, but overall, my breakfast is pretty sad looking.

I’ve had the Mediterranean Overnight Tofu Scramble from Isa Does It on my list of things to make, partly because it’s a meal that can be made on Sunday and quickly heated up the rest of the week. So, for one week, I vowed to wake up slightly earlier and have an actual breakfast.

The recipe was ridiculously easy to make: crush tofu, chop up additions, sprinkle in some seasonings (I omitted the turmeric as I don’t care if my scramble isn’t yellow), and leave in the fridge to heat up in the morning. I’m slightly embarrassed that I’ve never actually made tofu scramble before, but I have enjoyed many, especially in wrap form.

Considering I’m not exactly picky about my scrambles, I don’t have much to say about this one – it’s good, it’s solid, and I probably put in too much crushed red pepper flakes. It kept me pretty full all morning, and cooked up within minutes as I prepped for the day. I really enjoyed the bits of roasted red pepper, and I bet this would also taste pretty good in a wrap (as they show in the cookbook).