One of my favorite places to get takeout in college was a Thai restaurant. It had an extensive vegetarian section of its menu, was close to where I lived, and the portions were huge. My favorite was the Pad Kee Mao – a bit spicy, lots of basil and tofu, and the wonderfully chewy wide noodles. However, when I was really hungry, I would order the Pad Thai with its lime and peanut-y goodness that would almost take over the entire take-out container. Sadly, now that I’ve moved away, I don’t have a cheap, close by Thai place to rely on whenever I get some Thai food cravings, and so I was really excited to try Isa’s version of pad thai in Isa Does It.

Well, my final verdict is that it’s really good, and satisfies my Thai food craving, but I don’t know if I would choose this over takeout. I used some premade marinated baked tofu instead of regular, firm tofu, and cut it into strips. I also added some leftover basil that I have, and I highly recommend adding some as I wish I had more. Next time, I think I’ll also steam or cook the bean sprouts a bit before adding to the dish since if you wait till the last step, you’re not really going to be cooking them, and I prefer cooked bean sprouts over raw in this case. I would also time everything better such that the rice noodles aren’t waiting around too long after they’ve been cooked. I think I overcooked everything a bit since I was trying to reheat my noodles after I mixed them in with the sauce. The sauce is maybe a bit on the salty side since I kept drinking water later that evening, but otherwise, I really liked it. For those new to pad thai, make sure to squeeze the lime wedges before eating!

The one drawback of this dish is that it doesn’t make the best leftovers. As mentioned before, rice noodles aren’t the best at room temperature, and the texture is off a bit when you reheat it. I still have half a packet of rice noodles, though – maybe I’ll make some pho next time?