I was really impressed by this recipe, and ended up liking the dish a lot more than I thought I would. I was looking for a quick and easy pasta, and this definitely fit the bill. Another win for Isa Does It!

I made this in about the 30 minutes that Isa suggests, which is super rare for me. I started started boiling my pasta at the same time that I started sauteing the garlic, and both the sauce and the pasta ended up finishing at the same time. I recommend using more than 1 cup of tomatoes (I used 2 Roma tomatoes, but I think I would’ve liked more), and easing up a bit on the lemon juice. I also used rainbow chard since it was on sale at the local market, and it definitely makes the pasta look prettier!

This dish would be great as a spring or summer pasta dish since it tastes so bright and fresh. Next time, I might add some more greens and/or mushrooms just to add more to the sauce.