I have this weird relationship with creamy pastas. I always want to like them, but almost every single time, I get disappointed. I’m so used to having saucy marinara and all its spices with my pasta that when I take a bite of a creamy pasta, I feel like it has no flavor other than fat. I end up feeling a bit cheated, as if I’m going to gain all these calories, my dish better taste good! It’s a vicious cycle, and I keep making sauces hoping to one day find my creamy, comfort food heaven.

But I think I’ve found my one.

Isa Does It uses a lot of cashew based cream sauces for not only pasta, but also salad dressings, bowl toppings, and as bases in other dishes. I usually skip over the cashew cream sauce based dishes because 1) I don’t always have access to a food processor/blender, 2) my cashew cream comes out gritty when I do, and 3) like I said before, these creamy dishes always sound so good, but end up tasting rather bland.

I heard good things about this Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Penne from Isa Does It and decided to try it out one night. It was so good! The sauce was far from bland – the sun-dried tomatoes definitely gives it the kick of taste that I need. My teeth were still recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery, so I skipped the broccoli and used spinach and cremini mushrooms instead. While my cashew cream wasn’t perfectly smooth (you could see some of the cashew grits even though you couldn’t taste it), I finally got it to a consistency I liked by whizzing it in my Magic Bullet multiple times rather than the straight 30 seconds I used to do. I forgot to add extra water in the last step of cooking so my sauce was on the thicker side. Next time, I would add that water or broth as the sauce in the leftovers was extremely thick.

The next day, I heated it up with some Tofurky sausages which paired really nicely with the creamy sauce. I’ll definitely make this again next time I’m craving something creamy and fatty, yet tasty.