Garden Corn Chowder with Chives

I’ve made this soup twice already – the first time was for my roommates, and they begged me for the recipe afterwards. This time, I just happened to have all the ingredients lying around, and wanted to make sure the soup was as good as I remembered.

It certainly was, but I had also made some changes my second time through. The first time I made this, I didn’t have my immersion blender, nor a food processor, and so I had cooked the soup a bit longer so I could manually mash all the potatoes and carrots in the pot. Although it took awhile, this led to a nice, thick soup with bright and crisp kernels of corn in every bite. This time, I had my immersion blender, and I only did a few whizzes here and there. This created a more blended soup with chunks of vegetables here and there. I personally prefer the first version as I liked biting into the corn kernels, but the immersion blender does give a much creamier soup.

Additionally, I used an Asian brand can of coconut milk this time, rather than the Trader Joe’s can I used last time. I think Asian brands of coconut milk have a much heavier coconut taste as it was a very strong flavor this time compared to when I used the Trader Joe’s brand. I think I prefer when the coconut flavor is more subtle, and so I think I’ll mix the coconut milk with some more broth next time.

The original recipe (found here) also suggests basil and radishes, but the soup was even great without any garnishes. Another winner from Isa!