My favorite theme night at the dining hall is “Caribbean Night”, and I gorge myself on a plateful of fried plantains with red beans and rice. I love the slightly sweet and starchy plantains mixed with the savory beans and rice, and so when I got my copy of Chloe’s Kitchen, one of the first recipes I wanted to try was Chloe’s Caribbean feast of Caribbean Vegetables with Coconut Rice.

Not surprisingly, my favorite part of the meal ended up being the coconut rice and cumin-lime black beans. Together, they were so creamy and savory, and were the perfect complement to the sweet fried plantains. My roommate ended up finishing the coconut rice and beans with me, as she also couldn’t stay away! I thought the vegetables were so-so, but I’m not a huge fan of steamed vegetables in general.

However, this took up four different pots/pans, and each component took up a separate tupperware container when storing leftovers, which is a bit annoying for me. I think in the future I’ll stick with just making the coconut rice with the cumin-lime beans and then frying up a plantain every time I eat it. Make sure to get the yellow kind that’s almost turning black for maximum sweetness!