So every semester, when it comes down to buying books off Amazon, I like to add a cookbook to my order (especially if it needs to top $25!). Last semester, I added Isa Chandra’s newest cookbook, Appetite for Reduction. I’m not on a diet, but there’s nothing wrong with eating healthier, especially when I have to personally finish most of what I make.

I read somewhere online that this soup was extremely easy to whip up, and very tasty compared to the amount of work put in. I totally agree! The most work I had to do was chopping the onions and carrots, and squeezing the lemons. It took a while to cook, however, since you want the carrots nice and soft, so I will definitely dice my carrots into smaller pieces next time. I also didn’t add any coriander since I couldn’t find any in the house, so I just doubled up on cumin and black pepper. The lemon juice really adds the perfect finish to the soup, and I wouldn’t leave it out.

Each serving left me rather full, and as leftovers, the soup turned into more of a stew. I had to add a bit of water before microwaving. This is the perfect soup for anyone who’s too busy to cook, and is definitely something you can make in the beginning of the week, and have it last a couple days.