And another post on the on-going blueberry saga…

Cherries have unofficially replaced blueberries as the fresh fruit to eat in my house, so at the end of the day, the plates of cherries are empty while the plates of blueberries are rather full. Needless to say, we’re going through our huge batch of blueberries rather slowly.

However, there’s nothing better than some warm, gooey, juicy blueberries right out of the oven. Except there’s nothing worse than a super hot oven when you’re in the midst of record breaking high temperatures. So, in spite of the heat wave, I was determined to have my gooey blueberries.

I ended up using the toaster oven (we usually use it to heat up leftovers) and making these pastries with chocolate chips and blueberries. I opted for making individual pastries, so the only difference between mine and the instructions is that I used one sheet for each pastry and folded it in four before placing the toppings. I baked at 400 degrees for 14 minutes although the directions on the package said 8 minutes. Maybe using a toaster oven requires more time?

I rolled them up like spring rolls…

… and was able to fit four on the baking sheet that came with the toaster oven. None of my phyllo turned golden brown, unfortunately. I guess I’ll use Earth Balance next time and see if that makes a difference. I also forgot to add spices to the inside but that was okay since the chocolate flavor was enough. I probably should have used cinnamon and allspice to decorate though since I didn’t have any powdered sugar.

This was my first time using phyllo, and surprisingly, went pretty well! Phyllo’s pretty fragile–mine ripped a couple times–though very forgiving. It was sort of flavorless, so I guess I’ll try Earth Balance next time instead of oil between the layers. All in all, phyllo’s pretty nice to work with, and so is baking with a toaster oven!