Black Bean Burger with salad greens, tomato, pickles, ketchup, and Vegenaise; with sugar snap peas and blueberries

Back in middle school, my mom and I had no idea what to pack for my lunch (this was before we discovered hummus) and I was sick of bringing leftovers from dinner, so I ended up bringing Boca Burgers everyday for a while (I know, really unhealthy, but I was 12!) Anyways, so when I ate my first GardenBurger, I almost gagged since it was nothing like the Boca Burgers I was used to. Eventually, I learned to appreciate these true veggie burgers and here I am making my first homemade one!

I wanted to celebrate the 4th of July so I whipped out my copy of Veganomicon and made Black Bean Burgers. I had previously made Chickpea Cutlets, and I liked them, but didn’t really love them. Maybe my expectations were just too high after reading everybody raving about them on the Internet. But these burgers, although they follow basically the same instructions as Chickpea Cutlets, I LOVED. Maybe it’s the slightly spicy flavor, or just the black bean taste that shines through, but these were perfect as burgers.

My only problem was frying them up, for they ended up really tender, but turns out I just skipped a direction! Make sure you gently press down on them as they cook or else they might be rather fragile. I ended up pushing down on them in a slight scoring pattern since I was using the edge of a wooden spatula.

I also ran out of room in my freezer, so for now, there’s a small stack sitting in my fridge, so I guess it’s burgers for the next couple meals! No problem for me!

I made my burger with spring salad mix (yes, that giant bucket from Cosco), sliced tomatoes and pickles, ketchup, and Vegenaise. And on the sidelines are sugar snap peas and blueberries (yes, more blueberries!)