An unnaturally cool summer evening means baking! Blueberries are in season so that means the refrigerator is stocked with cartons of them. At first, I was meaning to go with the ol’ favorite, blueberry muffins, but decided to try something new.

This recipe comes from Sweet Utopia by Sharon Valencik (I got it signed by her, too! My first signed cookbook!).  I thought the scone turned out quite tender and sweet. I’m more used to the crumbly, healthy-like scones you get at Whole Foods, and this was definitely more dessert than breakfast. Nevertheless, the lemon shines through and the blueberries are amazing.

Though, in the future, I have to remember to not stuff too many blueberries into one scone, or else you get something resembling a deconstructed blueberry pie on your cookie sheet and a while scrubbing it off.